Teryi Youngblood, Pastry Chef, Soby's New South Cuisine

Youngblood attributes her love of the sweeter side of cooking to watching her mother and grandmother. The techniques of both ladies, which Youngblood calls "Southern with a twist," were very influential in her developing her own dessert style.

Youngblood worked for several of Greenville’s great restaurants, including Bistro Europa and Casbah, before joining the team at Soby’s. She started her culinary career as a line cook and worked her way up from line cook to lead cook and then sous chef. In additon to the skills she honed from her family, Youngblood’s culinary education came largely from self-teaching, work experience and learning from those around her.

In 2000, Youngblood decided to test her skill in pastry and sweets by entering a chocolate creation in The Chocolate Soiree, a local Greenville fundraising event. Her participation in the event was rewarded not only with top honors, but also with a position with Table 301 Restaurant Group when her skill caught the eye of the company’s corporate executive chef Rodney Freidank. She began her career path with Table 301 at Soby's on the Side just two weeks after it opened.

Moving from an evening schedule in the night-oriented restaurant industry to the early morning schedule of a baker suited Youngblood well, and she discovered that pastry was really her passion and strong suit. She was intrigued by the limitless possibilities of sugar and chocolate, and the creative juices flowed. After four years and tons of cakes, pastries and desserts, she is now Soby's head pastry chef and is responsible for all baking at Soby's on the Side as well as all desserts served at Soby's. In addition to the menu offerings, Youngblood also works with a multitude of clients on birthday, wedding and special occasion cakes.

Youngblood also enjoys giving back and contributing time to her local community.  In addition to participating in fundraisers for The Children's Museum and The Meyer Center for Special Children (The Meyer Center offers developmental education and therapy services to preschool children with disabilities), she gives back by sharing her knowledge and performing cooking demonstrations at various venues.

Outside of the restaurant, Youngblood's favorite activity is spending time with her daughter Sophi Claire. She is very family-oriented and loves to share her culinary passion with loved ones by experimenting in the kitchen and cooking meals for friends and relatives. She also enjoys music-everything from heavy metal to Mozart, and watching martial arts films and sports.